Rara Sahib
Sant Isher Singh Ji
Sant Kishan Singh Ji
Sant Teja Singh Ji
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"The celestial bliss into which a saint resides"
Rara Sahib
This holy abode has been a place of worship and penance of the immortal sage, the great "Sriman 111" Sant Isher Singh Ji. This is the place where he tirelessly devoted himself to God.

The present form of the Gurdwara is a monument built in his memory. The exquisite use of marble on all sides

the high domes, cupola canopies and the splendid entrance of the Gurdwara provide a divine look to Karamsar. The Gurdwara is located 22Km Southeast of Ludhiana, 14Km Northeast of Ahmedgarh, 22Km Northwest of Khanna. It lies on the Chawa-Payal-Ahmedgarh road and is situated on the bank of Bathinda branch of the Sirhind Canal.

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