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Sant Isher Singh Ji
Sant Isher Singh Ji was born of Mata Ratan Kaur, in the household of Sardar Ram Singh Nambardar, on 5th August 1905 at village Allowal, district Patiala.

The parents named their son Gulab Singh. Nobody knew that one day this "Gulab" (meaning rose) would spread his fragrance far and wide. He received the basic worldly education from the primary School of village 'Chulela'.

For higher schooling he went to his uncle at Patiala and passed his matriculation examination from the Model School. Thereafter the worldly education could not hold his mind and in the state of asceticism he became the disciple of Sant Attar Singh Ji of Reru Sahib.

By the inspiration of Sant Attar Singh Ji, he was baptized

and was renamed Isher Singh. Thus motivated by the life and teachings of Sant Attar Singh Ji, he adopted the path of devotion and from him received the boon of propagating Sikhism through "Kirtan" (singing of hymns).

When on 21st January 1927 Sant Attar Singh Ji left his corporeal being. Sant Isher Singh Ji became sad and disconsolate. In order to overcome this despondency, he set out on pilgrimage. After visiting Machiwara, Kiratpur Sahib, Sri Anandpur Sahib, Sri Amritsar Sahib, Sri Nankana Sahib and Punja Sahib he came to Rara Sahib and settled here.

By virtue of his devotion he turned this deserted place into a sacred place that has become famous the world over. "A saint remembers the God and helps others remember Him also" following this principle he devoted himself to worship and motivated the people to be 'Gur-sikhs' and to follow the path, shown by the Sikh Gurus.

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